Sanction Technology Overview

We can prove it.

KEGEL Sanction® Technology is the most accurate way of applying precise amounts of lane conditioner to the lane. When conditioning a bowling lane, the oil head travels back and forth across the transfer system applying exacting streams of lane conditioner, working much like an ink jet printer.

The fluid metering pump used in Sanction Technology machines is the same pump used in hospital medication dispensers and provides an accuracy of ±1% with continued precision of ±0.5% after millions of cycles.


Accurate Fluid Metering - KEGEL Sanction Technology is the only system that applies a measured volume of lane conditioner to the lane. Unlike other lane machines, you can check the pattern BEFORE you condition your lanes. Click here to learn more!

Board to Board Precision - KEGEL Sanction Technology gives you the ability to create a perfectly blended oil pattern from the outside part of the lane to the inside in any configuration you choose. This blend is critical in creating an oil pattern that allows all bowler styles to have a comfortable and consistent angle to the pocket.

Maximum Oil Compatibility - The fluid metering pumps used in Sanction Technology lane machines are strong enough for all types of  lane conditioners. From thick to thin, Sanction Technology lane machines can handle just about anything.


Over 80% of new lane machines sold worldwide use KEGEL Sanction Technology. This lane machine system is the preferred choice of the WTBA, ABF, ETBF, PABCON, and the USBC - ALL Major Governing Bodies of the game of Bowling.